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This is copied and pasted from Yahoo Groups (so forgive the formatting please) because I posted it there and damn it if one of this person's friends didn't join the group less than 24 hours later (coincidence? I don't think so). I've had to kind of backpedal on it on there because I didn't feel safe putting myself out there with the whole thing. Either way, I think it's better broadcasted on LJ because I know I will reach more of th writers that it may affect this way.

  "I really really really really don't like doing this, but I feel that something needs to be said.We've got a little bit of a problem on as of late. There is a certain anonymous reviewer that has been quite rude to some of our
  writers, and while she's playing nice for the moment, I do believe that
  you should be forewarned of her previous actions. She's flamed other
  well known writers, particularly those authors of some of our more
  risque materials on the site.

  I feel bad because I feel like I'm trying to be the neighbourhood watch
  fanfiction reviewer police right now, but I think it's something that
  people need to know about. She's already turned one author's story into
  a personal message board.

  Now I realize that this is a personal decision, but I'd recommend
  turning off anonymous reviews on your profile if you are worried
  that you may become a potential target for flaming.
I've never had
  anonymous reviews enabled on my profile because once Cars came
  along and I had the idea for my story I knew what kind of territory I
  was going to be getting into.

  I won't name names unless someone is really confused and asks for
  clarification. Again, I want to stress that this reviewer is being nice
  at the moment, and is reviewing newly posted stories by some of us on
  here, but until I really see evidence to the contrary, I still think
  that there is reason to be wary. Proceed with caution."
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