Niimura Shinya (niimura_shinya) wrote in carsslash,
Niimura Shinya

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New member !

Hey people...

I recently discovered the movie Cars, and of course, being the huge fan of slash that I am, I couldn't help myself from checking for some cars slash stories.. And I was very surprised when I found out that they DID exist... So... Uhm... Yeah. I'm a bit sad to see that this community seems very quiet...

So if it can inspire some good writers (I'm a very lousy and bad writer.. ;_; )... My favorite pairing is, of course, Mater X Lightning... Even though cars sex does feel wrong and weird in a way... *Coughs* I can't help myself from reading it o.o;;

So...! I guess that's all...

I really hope to see new fanfictions soon !
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